One symptom of a migraine headache is the aura


According to some debunkers the HDR causes an electromagnetically induced hallucination like a Teichopsia or the aura associated with a migraine headache. The scintillating scotoma with its fortifications is not what people see when using an HDR. The picture on the left is a fortification spectra or teichopsia common in the aural migraine headache. Migraine headache symptoms often include visual hallucinations. The scintillating aura has a sparkly appearance.

HDR does not cause Teichopsia

Steven Gibbs HDR time machine  is used by me to attain astral time travel.  I have had migraines seen the zigzag lines and they are very different than the effect of the HDR. There are by the way methods to help cure migraine headaches and teichopsia.

Well, some people want to latch on to any half baked explanation to debunk any new device they do not understand. So far, there are no devices that can induce the bright shimmering scintillating scotoma; however, the HDR can calm people into an alpha brain wave state where astral travel is easier.

People in the future will have even better capabilities with newer more powerful devices.

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