Photographic Evidence for Time Travel?

There is no evidence yell the debunkers.  What exactly would be seen as evidence for time travel? Any picture that I would present would be instantly dubbed a fake because according to the debunkers time travel is impossible, therefore the photo has to be a fake.

Photo Evidence

The following photograph was taken last week, no it is not time travel. It is an old car show. Still, this picture shows what time travel would look like. A debunkers would no doubt claim I created it in Photoshop and used  tiny model automobiles that I cut and pasted to the car park. They would not doubt say "See, there is no dust on the cars! I knew they were fake!"  Above the red dot is a 1950's car. That car was not part of the show, interesting coincidence. Guess the owner felt homesick for a simpler time.


The HDR is a fun machine. It was built by Steven L. Gibbs as part of his time travel experiments. He uses it do test using his o-scope. This is an o-scope he says came from the Eldrige.

He originally built a device called the sonic resonator in 1981 and then the Hyper Dimensional Resonator (HDR) came out in 1985. That was over twenty years ago and Steven Gibbs has been busy building different devices since then.

I use the HDR for Astral Time Travel.


barium oxide bar magnet

I also added a barium oxide bar magnet to the HDR. To create a stronger magnetic field.