HDR and EMF Meter

Steven Gibbs told me that it is possible to use and EMF meter to detect a vortex. The area where two grid lines cross or grid point creates a magnetic anomaly.

I feel that the best EMF meter is the TriField from Alpha Labs. There are cheap EMF detectors like the E.L.F.-ZONE™ GAUSS METER from LessEMF that sell for about $9.95 however, they are not as accurate.

The TriField is used by ghost hunters and others interested in paranormal phenomena. It is considered on of the best devices for measuring a magnetic anomaly. In ghost hunting equipment this unit is seen as premier.

Personally, I prefer to use a small pocket sized cellsensor EMF detector with my HDR. The small size and the beep alert me when I am over a magnetic vortex. hc

This is a great device the TriField from Alpha Labs that is the gold standard by which other EMF meters are measure. That said, we cannot all afford this top of the line meter to measure gauss. There are other ways to find a vortex that are less expensive.

This is an important use of an EMF meter. Actually, gaussmeters are very good at detecting a vortex if you are far away from power wires.  This is the classic favorite tool of spook hunters. Not sure how it can detect spirit energy. This is one of my favorite tools next to an oscilloscope, but oscopes are expensive.

Personally, the unit I use is known as an EMF detector cell sensor. It has inside a kind of a beeper that makes chirping noises. Sounds come on when it detects a magnetic anomaly is near. The device uses one 9V battery and draws a minimum of battery power.

The TriField is a lot more accurate, but the ELFZONE is the least expensive. I have seen them as cheap as $7 each and plan to test one soon. The idea is to send these to friends that are having problems with their HDR units. They are cheap EMF meters that go easy on the green. 

I feel that using a double terminated quartz crystal with the hyper dimensional resonator (HDR) will assist the user in attaining astral travel. most important thing that I have found is to get high quality star crystals for HDR when doing psychic research. Crystals help me to focus me psychic abilities and enter the realm of the supernatural. I have observed many strange paranormal episodes when using an HDR teamed up with a double terminated quartz crystal. Steven Gibbs says that double terminated quartz crystals should be "charged up" inside of a pyramid before using them inside the Hyper Dimensional Resonator.

Perhaps an EMF meter can be use to measure power of an HDR. This could be a powerful tool in understanding magnetic fields and resonance. I hope to use one with an oscope.

The witness well is located on the top right hand corner of the HDR box. It is inside that cylinder that I place the double terminated quartz crystal.  Most people believe that a quartz crystal has the ability to tell time. That is why they are used in watches. I use my quartz crystal inside the HDR.

See the double terminated quartz crystal in the picture sitting on top of the rubbing plate at the bottom of the HDR box. This crystal is used inside the witness well.

Click to view movie of the HDR used with a double terminated quartz crystal.

hyper dimensional resonator (HDR) with double terminated quartz crystal

 To work right proper, the unit box of the HDR is must be on power.

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