Hunting the vortex with a CAT

According to Steven Gibbs, if you want to find a vortex - get a cat. Cats are natural vortex hunters. It appears that the Hyper Dimensional Resonator generates a special kind of energy that attracts cats

Your feline friend will often go to sleep over a vortex. So all vortex finding should include the assistanse of a four foot grid point expert. In contrast dogs, horses and cows are scared away from a vortex. For example, cows will not graze over a vortex. It is usually is a bare area "bald spot" in the grass anyway. Also, bugs are attracted to a vortex.

Cat vortex hunter

Vortex hunting is not so easy. People often use a device similar to a cell sensor. Future is a thing that is so wow. Do hope that you understand that we need to find where the grid lines cross. Basically, that is where a vortex will form and that is what the HDR requires.

For some reason, the Hyper Dimensional Resonator (HDR) attracts cats - this has always been a mystery to me, but some of my best results are in areas cats like to sleep. These special spots seem to have a magical energy. That is why I suggest that you get a cat if you want to locate a grid point.

Many people wonder - "Where can I find a grid point?" Well, typically a good place for a positive vortex is near a church. A graveyard may be a negative vortex, and a casino due to the greed involved will be a very negative vortex. Steven Gibbs says that in Las Vegas there is a large vortex that leads directly to infernal regions. These we should avoid. He told me a man used the Vegas Vortex to time travel back to 2012. It was a timeline where reptoids had taken over.


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