HDR Caduceus Coil

Schematics Sonic Resonator

Main components of Tensor Coil AKA Caduceus Coil

A copper wire with a bifilar winding that has the opposing magnetic fields cancel each other.

Take a enamel copper wire and nick the middle then twist the wire into a double helix.

Now curl the wire into a spiral. This will generate scalar waves when there is a current.

HDR box with electromagnet

Why does the Caduceus Coil Work?

It is believed that scalar waves have strange effects including the distortion of the temporal field. In his time travel reports, Steven Gibbs says that the caduceus wound coil can create tachyons and alter temporal phenomena. He talks about how to make a caduceus coil for time travel.

The HDR caduceus coil built by Steven Gibbs should have the ability to generate an electromagnetic field that disrupts time waves and alters the flow of chronoton particles. My experiment with a watch subjected to the "gibbs effect" establishes that something is causing a disruption in the normal flow of time.

I believe this is caused by scalar waves emanating from the Hyper Dimensional Resonator or HDR created by inventor Steven Gibbs. These waves interact with those of the electromagnet to create a temporal disruption that can affect clocks. See videos of HDR at HDRusers.com

Steven Gibbs told me that in his caduceus coil he uses 21 gauge pure copper wire. Tin alloy will mess it up. Also, aluminum wire is a poison. It generates harmonics that are wrong.

What does the HDR Caduceus Coil look like?

The HDR caduceus coil is that round doughnut shaped object at the bottom of the left hand corner in the picture below. This is I believe what makes the HDR work and provides the missing factor for Steven Gibbs HDR.

Insides of a Hyper Dimensional Resonator built by Steven L Gibbs
Insides of a Hyper Dimensional Resonator (HDR) from Steven Gibbs

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