News on Flux Cap & HDR.
Last update on September 27, 2017

How to build a Flux Capacitor created by John Bajak.
Forum discusses John Bajak's Flux Cap and more.

Don't miss out! Call Steven L. Gibbs to know more.

Finding out about the HDR, is just a phone call away.


HDR electronic equipment with pictures of inside of Hyper Dimensional Resonator

Using a portable radio to locate a vortex. Picture of HDR Box invented by Steven Gibbs
Using a StopWatch and a Red Magnet HDR - Hyper Dimensional Resonator
Twins Paradox - a form of Time Travel HDR Photos (see inside the box)
The Grandfather Paradox in Time Travel HDR stuff from Steven Gibbs
Developments in creating of a Flux Cap. Using HDR with Quartz Crystal
Physical Time Travel HDR Experiment using plants
History of Time Machines HDR and Plasma Globe  HDR Plasma Ball
Future Series HDR Scorch Region
cosmic energy HDR Time Travel
How does the  Steven Gibbs HDR affect time? HDR to Make Future Predictions
Steven Gibbs had a stroke and is home now. Hyper Dimensional Resonator Teleporter
NEW Alternate Time Line NEW HDR news
to the future:


HDR and orgone radionics experiments.

Radio Shack parts list for Steven Gibbs HDR.

2009 model HDR - Hyper Dimensional Resonator

Paranormalis - join us.


Steven Gibbs rumor is wrong.  Oh yes. he still alive, kicking, and selling his HDR, so do not believe the rumor. People were saying he was dead after having an accident in his new car. Well, that is not so. Call him up. Yeah, give him a ring at 785 250 5463


Devices from Steven Gibbs

Pictures of my HDR unit.

Pictures of HDR's Electromagnet.

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2. Steven Gibbs Quantum Accelerator QA35a

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Using the HDR for Astral Time Travel

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